PolitiScopeWelcome to PolitiScope!

PolitiScope is a brand new citizen journalism intiative powered by the #auspol twitter hashtag community - one of the largest and most active political hashtag communities in the world.  

#auspol members include politicians (past & present), journalists and commentators, academics and professionals, experts and concerned Australians from all walks of life - who actively share a huge range of highly informed views and information every moment of the day through Twitter.

Through PolitiScope we'll create and curate content...

 - members of the #auspol community will share their very well informed political knowledge and insights on a broad range of topics and policy areas through multiple platforms and formats. 

- PolitiScope will also curate a range of content from political and news media.  We encourage the support of good, truthful and non-bias political journalism.

Our aim is to not only bring greater depth, insight and context to the political debate - but also move beyond the #auspol community to create more awareness for politics in the Australian community (see image on this page).

You can keep an eye on the real political news of the day by following #auspol on Twitter here 

Please get in touch with us to get involved with PolitiScope or find out more.

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Thanks to Behind the Page for creating the PolitiScope site.


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- #auspol live - join us for a regular live podcast - hosted by #auspol tweeps.  See scheduled live podcasts and listen to/download replays here. Guests to date include Tony Windsor, Cheryl Kernot, James Mathison, The IPA - & more...