Many within the #auspol community create and produce political content on their own blogs, tumblrs and Facebook pages.

Here we list and link to them...

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  - Political OmniScience - tackles the hard stuff in an attempt to share information in laymen terms.  Follow Melanie on #auspol 

  - John Menadue Pearls & Irritations Regular commentatary on public issues from experience as Head of PM&C, Immigration, Ambassador (Japan) and CEO Qantas.  

  - Oecomuse - Musings from home & hearth. Longer reads and critical observations.  Follow iMusing on #auspol

  - WixxyLeaks - Blowing the whistle on anything that blows.  Follow Peter Wicks on #auspol

  - The WhistleBlower Network - Support the people who support the greater good.  Follow Rosie Williams on #auspol

  - YaThink NOT Left or Right, Seriously NOT ALP, LIB or Green. Just a Punter... Follow Noely on #auspol

  - The Slightly Disgruntled Scientist used to be involved in politics, but now devote my spare time to my altruistic-yet-misunderstood scheme to destroy the sun.  Follow Jason Heeris on #auspol

On Medium

 - Asher Wolf - Cryptoparty founder. Amnesty Australia 'Humanitarian Media Award' recipient 2014. Greens volunteer 2016 election. Former APS social media officer.  Follow Asher on Twitter



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- #auspol live - join us for a regular live podcast - hosted by #auspol tweeps.  See scheduled live podcasts and listen to/download replays here. Guests to date include Tony Windsor, Cheryl Kernot, James Mathison, The IPA - & more...