Here's some early ideas on how you can get involved in this new citizen journalism initiative and become more politically active...

One of the aims of PolitiScope is to move beyond the #auspol community and create greater awareness for Australian politics and Government policy - so everything helps.

- Firstly, please share our content: follow us on Twitter , like our Facebook page and follow our Pinterest board.  

- Subscribe to the daily PolitiScope paper for real political news of the day -  and have it delivered into your inbox each evening.  Share this with your network to move beyond the already informed #auspol community

- Listen to radio shows ('shock jocks' especially) & ring, email or text to share facts with them and counter their views.

- Contact your local Federal, State or Council Representatives.  Let them know your views and concerns.

- Get involved in the soon to be launched daily #auspollive streaming audio show - where various members of the #auspol Twitter community will create and present their own live streamed radio show.  Be a guest - interact with us as we go live or listen/share the podcast replay of each show.  Join up and follow here.

 - Source facts on a key policy area to add to the new Policy Facts & Mythbusting Section

 - Create a list of charities, organisations and people power initiatives and share with us.  We'll then publish on PolitiScope.

- Tell us about an article, video or interview you've seen and we'll promote it through the PolitiScope and the #auspol Twitter network

- Tell us about a protest, rally, vigil or political meeting - and we'll promote through the PolitiScope and #auspol Twitter network

- Fact check a comment from a politician, article you've read or interview you've heard - and we'll promote it.

- Use your expertise - tech, design, marketing, writing.

- Tell us about your political blog - and we'll add it to the growing list of #aupol member blogs here.


Like to get involved in any or all of these intiatives - or got another idea? - let us know


Everyone can do something! 


*Guidelines Apply



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